Remembering the past.

We became a company of designers and manufacturers of products whose style can range from Vintage, Farm House, Retro, Rustic and Country.

We love wood, We work products made of wood mainly, the transformation of it with our hands and a little bit of tools allows us to give a view and a finish that at the end of our articles end up being part of our being, of our wanting to do and of the harmony to decorate the intimate space of our clients with a style like the above mentioned.

With 5 years manufacturing our products we seek to transcend in each intimate space where each of our objects can be placed, to save the unique and unrepeatable moment.

The diversity of finishes and footprints in materials used including many of them recycled, are never exactly the same, always keep small differences that can be of color or dimension by the type of inputs that we handle are unique and practically unrepeatable at 100% each one of them vs another almost the same. That yes, they will always be like the image shown on our website with the measures practically corresponding.

We invite you to register and be able to send information to distribute our products, because only for now our sales are wholesale

We appreciate your visit and hopefully soon we will be part of your business